Coaching With Laurie - Enrich your life with personal attention
Coach Laurie has coached clients in 12 states, 25 cities and 3 countries. 
Coaching over the phone allows for connecting anywhere at your convenience.

I started coaching with Laurie to lose weight. Though I am thrilled to be losing weight fairly consistently now, what I really love is how we are taking my whole life to a higher level of happiness, peace and fulfillment.
Laurie’s spirituality is to me, her most  valuable tool in her cache of coaching tools. Her familiarity with the Torah 
coupled with her heart listening skills, enables her to provide unique wisdom pointed to the  heart of  it all. Laurie helps me see that what I struggle with is what everyone struggles with- and improvements can happen!  
WHEN I am trying to justify to Laurie why I didn't do something I am trying to work on, she reaches down into the heart of the TORAH and provides me with the exact comfort I need at the moment, and at the same time, teaches me the lessons I need to lead my life!!
Laurie adds the invaluable skill of practicality in providing practical guidelines and solutions to issues which I can incorporate into my life.Laurie always adds an imaginative fun twist to whatever she has you do!!!!
And, so delightfully, Laurie punctuates each encounter with a bright amount of humor, reminding us all that life can be very funny, even in the worst of times! This indeed, is the gift that puts that cherry atop the cake!
~Cheryl in Green Bay, WI

I am currently working with Laurie as my wellness coach.  I began working with Laurie to help jump start my weight loss after plateauing for many months.  Laurie helped me get back on the path of weight loss.  She also helps me clarify my wellness vision on a regular basis.  Within a few short weeks, I got back on track and continued to lose weight.   Our coaching is done over the phone and it is an opportunity for me to reconnect with my priorities and vision with Laurie's guidance.  Laurie is a wonderful coach and I recommend her to anyone looking to lose weight, de-stress and get re-energized and focused.  Thank you Laurie!
~Melissa in Seattle, WA

There are people in your life that you’re just drawn to–you know they’re going to be a positive force, and you can’t help but seek out their energy.  Coach Laurie is one of those people.  Having battled my weight since childhood, I sought a personal guide to help me wade through years of excuses and weight loss/gain disappointments–and define what wellness truly means to me and how I would finally achieve it.  Coach Laurie’s holistic approach analyzed all aspects of my life, allowing me to discover why I was engaging in poor habits, and helped me determine how I would break the cycle. Her wealth of ideas and realistic goal-setting keep me focused and on track. I came to Coach Laurie with the intent that I just needed someone to help me lose weight.  However, I’ve now come to realize Coach Laurie offers so much more than that–she is helping me live my best life. 
 ~Julia in Mercer Island, WA

Hi Laurie. Now you've coached someone in a different county--Canada. The session this morning was amazing. I didn't realize the things that were holding me back--and other things I need to put in place--to make my goal reachable. I feel that I am already gaining more of the confidence I need to be successful. Onward! 
~Lori Melnyk, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I believe Laurie Young is an excellent wellness coach because she has the ability to listen and focus in on the needs and wishes of her clients. She validated my concerns and helped me set reasonable and attainable goals.  She is warm, friendly and comforting. Making changes in one's life is not easy to do alone. Having an experienced and thoughtful wellness coach makes reaching one's goals possible, at last. 
~Joann in Bellevue, WA

I think the best part of today's coaching was the closing my eyes and getting in touch with my body feeling rejection, and how I have been feeling that rejection for decades. I know now my fear of rejection isn't the end of the world--I can work around the fear, and not allow it consume me. After our call, I experienced a rejection and I noticed how I changed my response. My arm muscles didn't tighten--I could breathe. I am putting my best effort into my project even though it's not everyone's cup of tea. Thank you for the break-through!

Laurie was inspirational at getting me back on target with what goals were important to me and how to start accomplishing them.  There was so much I wanted to accomplish (getting back on target to exercise, eating better, etc)  Laurie listened intently to what I had to say and what I wanted, then she actually took me back to a simple approach.  What is the overall goal and with many goals, what is most important to me.  Then she helped to break these goals down in to small attainable goals that create a set of building blocks to keep me focused and on target.  
The weekly conversations and emails were just what were needed, with every conversation, I felt more in tuned with my goals and more empowered that I can do this, I WILL be able to accomplish anything I set out to do. 
 I highly recommend Laurie as a Wellness Coach.  She truly helped get me focused and still many times, as I start new projects, even my new job; I hear her voice in the back of my head.  What’s attainable?  How can you stay on focus?  Is this step getting you closer to your goal?  One of the main reasons I so enjoyed working with Laurie and feel we were so successful is I know she truly cares!  That’s what makes an excellent coach.
~Sharon in New Hill, North Carolina                           

Not many people exhibit the patience and understanding of Laurie. She has stuck with me when I have had difficult times.  Always encouraging, never criticizing, never giving up.  She has come through with ideas on food preparation that have really changed my lifestyle....    
I feel I can reach my goals with her at my side.  Thank you Laurie for being there.
~Eleanor in Mercer Island, WA

Hi Laurie,Thanks so much for our coaching sessions. I have finally made progress with my biggest bugaboo, night time eating. It has been fun taking those important steps to start living my Wellness Vision. I especially liked when we brainstormed ideas that helped with my goals. Coaching has been a great experience in my life and I appreciate all the insights you've helped me see about myself. 
~Laura in Boston, MA

To anyone who wants to get a boost for their weight loss efforts or to jump start their new resolution, I highly recommend Laurie Young as a wellness coach. She is enthusiastic, supportive and really cares about your success. She will guide you in making small manageable steps towards your ultimate goal, without judgment or pressure. The accountability of communicating and committing to Laurie your mini goals, as well as receiving her feedback and creative ideas, really energizes and propels you forward on your weight loss journey.
~Janet in Mercer Island, WA

Hi Laurie- I cannot thank you enough for the session tonight. Thank you for your educational expertise and problem solving. Thank you for your open mind, non judgmental attitude and intuitive process of figuring out what is going on especially on an off day!! (Wow, that's a testimonial in itself.) Laurie you are a very special, kind, knowledgeable master at what you do. Please know how much I appreciate all that you are doing for me.
~Lillian* in Thousand Oaks, CA

Laurie -Thanks to your coaching , I am in a very good place right now. In preparing for our our last and final session today, I have been thinking about how far we have come since we started. Today I am highly motivated and I know what I need to do in order to meet my weekly and year-end health and fitness goals. With your help, I now have the tools that I need to succeed and meet these goals. I look forward to my goal of being 20 lbs lighter by year's end and to hiking up to a couple of waterfalls this summer. 
Thank you for changing my life
~Dale in Mercer Island, WA

The best thing about today's coaching session was giving me something to say to myself when I get that feeling of reluctance, rebellion, or non-compliance---
I WANT to do that!
I can insert my goal or the end result if necessary, but just saying it has already gotten good results (less than one hour later!). I really love our sessions and the useful actions I can take away from them. Thank you!
~Shelly in Bellevue

Laurie, I decided to list what I've accomplished thus far in our coaching sessions. It's an impressive list! 
  • I am more conscious of what I am eating.
  • I always weigh my choices and I mostly make the better decision.
  • I buy 95% perfectly healthy foods.
  • I have found some other meals to make (tonight I'm making a stir fry, for example)
  • I'm focusing on fruit, not carbs as snacks.
  • I'm working on other ways to manage my pain, exhaustion and anxiety.
  • I'm working on walking more. 
I'm feeling hopeful, so that's good. Love our coaching! Thank you!    

*Names changed for privacy.