Coaching With Laurie - Enrich your life with personal attention

Living your best life is not a simple journey. Yet, our Creator put us here for a reason. Do you know why you are living your life? Are you in touch with your life’s purpose?
God blesses each of us with gifts and challenges. (Sometimes our challenges become our biggest gifts.) It is our privilege to make the most of our gifts and tackle our challenges, reflecting honor on our Creator.
Your unique gifts are given to you to enhance your life and the lives of others. Are you maximizing your gifts? Are you comfortable with them? 
How are you handling your challenges? There are 2 types of challenges that give us an opportunity to grow and evolve.
       - The challenges life imposes upon us (death of a loved one, personal tragedies, physical problems, illness, etc.)
       - The challenges we take upon ourselves (starting a new business, writing a book, losing weight for the last time, learning forgiveness, connecting with a life partner, shalom bayis, etc.)
Using the coaching modality, we explore your true essence, delving into your gifts and challenges. Coaching helps to identify desires, dreams and goals and then take on the challenge, being bold and brave to make things happen.
Live an enhanced, purpose-filled life with a Life Coach who helps you see the big picture and take action. Bring it on!

One conversation be the start of a new change in your life. 
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